Regeneration Project

Just before Christmas Metal Toast reached it’s 3rd birthday which made me think what exactly have I done with the site over the past few years. I’ve only ever had one long stint of a running site lasting for about 6 months. All the other time it’s been sitting there gathering dust. So I’ve decided to revive it a little and change the format of the site to be a little more interesting and thought-provoking.

The aim of the old site was to just be a blog which hasn’t worked as I can never think of anything to write, so I’ve decided to make the new site a more defined one which isn’t about posting everything and anything but posting my views and opinions on certain themes.

However, at the moment I’m bogged down with the development of Citable so it won’t be an overnight transition, but I am constantly planning the features and design of the new site with the hope of making a much more interesting and regularly updated site.

It just leaves one big question as to what I should use to power the site. I can’t decide whether to use a blog-engine like WordPress, which would need a lot of tweaking in order to make it look how I would like but would be ready to go instantly, or whether to build my own system, which could easily be changed to work how I want it to but would take quite a while to get finished (as I found out with Citable).

Whichever system I decide to use it’ll be a while before the “new” Metal Toast goes online as other projects desperately need finishing first.