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Regeneration Project

Just before Christmas Metal Toast reached it’s 3rd birthday which made me think what exactly have I done with the site over the past few years. I’ve only ever had one long stint of a running site lasting for about 6 months. All the other time it’s been sitting there gathering dust. So I’ve decided to revive it a little and change the format of the site to be a little more interesting and thought-provoking.
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Coming Along

I hate posting updates but I can’t help but think that 4 weeks is an awfully long time to pass by without a new entry.

I bought a new domain at the end of September so all my spare time has been devoted to that, leaving all my other sites at the road side whilst I get it finished. However it’s coming along so it shouldn’t be too long before I have my own Tumblelog up and running.

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All Over Again!

I can still remember when I started my GCSEs’ thinking how I just can’t wait for them to be over and enjoy my 3 month summer holidays without a single stress in the world, getting up when I wanted and going to bed when I wanted, however like most things in life it sounded better than it actually was and by the end of the holidays I was ripping my hair out with boredom.

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How To Get A Email Address in the UK

Several years back Google had to stop people from the UK registering an email address because the word “gmail” was trademarked to another company. Now Google has made signing up to Gmail public rather than invitation based they’ve decided to put a link on the UK Google Homepage. The only problem is when you start clicking through you can register an email address rather than, which it should be. However people clicking the signup link from within Gmail will have to register an address. I’m not complaining!

UPDATE (19 Dec 2009): This article is extremely out of date but you can still claim an address by going to and clicking sign up via a proxy such as